Caregivers: Photo-essay

This essay's objective is to produce a story that details the hardships faced by family members who provide care and quality of life for over 90 million Americans who tend to loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, diseases, or the challenges of old age. This project will focus on individuals sacrificing their lives to care for those who can no longer care for themselves. Its goal is to trigger a conversation, shedding light on the challenges family caregivers face for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.
Robert 'Bob' Capa is a forgotten favorite artist of mine. He founded Magnum Photos, and he's a inspiration in the world of photography. Capa is famous for his straightforward shooting style, considering himself a newspaperman.

Capa distinguished himself as a photojournalist by going to great lengths to capture the harsh realities of war and humanity with his lens. His dedication set him apart, making him the most famous war correspondent in the world at that time. Capa's legacy endures through his iconic photographs.
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