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Preface and Introduction:

Discussing almost any subject in today’s society often feels like walking a tightrope. Expressing thoughts or opinions seems tough when met with judgmental reactions. It’s like social norms dictate what we should think, overshadowing serious issues with emotional reactions or blind beliefs, rather than considering facts. People often dismiss opinions casually, ignoring the thought or evidence behind them. My perspective isn’t just an opinion; it’s carefully thought out and based on facts, or I don’t talk about them. But in a society where voices get silenced, expressing opinions becomes tough. Critical thinking gets replaced by conformity to preconceived ideas, resulting in social condemnation.

The challenge lies in presenting a well-thought-out viewpoint without facing immediate dismissal. I write about topics I care about, not to become an influencer or sell products. I’m motivated by concerns for our planet, wildlife, nature, and humanity’s future as well as my interest in the arts. But fear of harsh criticism has kept me silent until now. Now, I’m shedding this hesitation and diving into uncharted territory with my blog.

Avedon and Newton – A Comparison

I've written this to inspire both photographers and image enthusiasts to broaden their perspectives. Often, the appeal people find in the works of Newton or Avedon holds a deeper, subconscious significance that might not be immediately apparent.

Newton & I

Helmut Newton, my photographic inspiration, holds the esteemed titles of the 'Maestro of Fetishism' and the 'King of Kink,' especially within the illustrious legacy of Vogue Italia. Undoubtedly, Helmut occupies a paramount position as my favored artist, spanning the 20th and 21st centuries.
Photographer Solar Forecast


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