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Film Review, Client Galleries, Event Image Purchase


Each film review (gallery) is password protected to protect the privacy, or business practices, of each of my clients. Every film review allows for the viewing, and digital downloading, of every image in the gallery via a compressed (.zip) file, or individual downloading in high resolution,. The file sizes are large, up to 50 megabytes each.

If you’ve seen me making photographs on location, and you want to get a copy of one, or several, that you think you may be in, here’s your chance. Public images are inside the public events review. These images are automatically rotated each month but, are normally listed on the website for up to thirty days. Each image cost $2.00 to download and is immediately delivered in full resolution with print rights attached to each file.

Print rights means you have the right to print the image for personal use. I, the photographer, give you, my customer, the right (in writing) to print the photos for personal use, or share them on social media. This information is incorporated into the image using EXIF data so that a printer can easily read the information. This applies to any image found inside the public events review only.

If you have a problem with the film reviews, or the website, contact me and share the details of your experience. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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