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    It can take up to five days for me to reply if I'm working in the high country where I frequently don't have phone or Internet service. Please be patient in expecting a response .


    I don't refer to myself as a wedding photographer however, I will shoot an event if 'the fit' between the client and myself is a match meaning that we have met each other face-to-face, we get along, we understand each other, communicate well, have the same vision, are interested in working together to document a story beautifully, and are willing to accept images made using film

    Average price for a wedding is $5,950.00 (USD) (half down) if under 500-mile radius from Fort Collins, CO. Six month advance is required.

    Destination wedding prices begin at $9,995.00 and average $14,995.00, or more depending on location. Add editional $5,000.00 for events outside of the United States. .

    See Events & Special Interest for example images.


    Assignment day rates vary depending on subject, travel and hazards. Starting base day-rate is $750.00 per day (three day minimum) plus expenses including lodging, if any.

    Send a message and someone will get back to you as quickly as possiable.

    Services and prices updated September 01, 2021.

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