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FujiFilm GA645WI Profesional Series Medium Format Camera

Fujifilm GA645WI Medium Format Camera

The Fujifilm GA645Wi Professional Series is a 120 film rangefinder camera, 4.5 x 6 format, released in 1997 by Fujifilm Co, Minami-Ashigara, Kanagawa. The GA645Wi is fully automatic with film advance, focusing, and metering but offers manual selections for exposure and focusing. Parallax correction on the rangefinder is excellent and has an amazing 45mm lens, the 135 equivalent of a 27.9mm lens.

The GA645WI is one of my favorite cameras and can be found in my camera bag at all times because of the tack-sharp lens and ease of use. The camera is a rare commodity because the GA690ii 90mm f/3.5 lens (The Texas Leica) was more popular in the 90s, and more of them were sold leaving the GA645WI in the shadows as a little known, little purchased and distributed camera among dealers and consumers. This camera is simply beautiful to operate. I’ve never made a bad exposure with it. 

The built-in light meter is center-weighted (Zone 5). The light-meter is in the Finder and renders almost perfect exposures every time (back light can fool the meter) even when using the built-in flash. The GA645Wi is a point-and-shoot but can and should be used as a professional camera. It’s a genuine work of technological art built by the masters at Fujifilm. 

Images are unedited, resized/lossy (75%) .WEBP files from high-resolution .JPG scans.

See the GA645WI in action (video)

Fujifilm GA645WI Profesional Series Medium Format Camera.
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