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Fundamentals Of Stupidity

According to my insightful friend and Professor of Arts, nudity in art is a powerful tool to make a point, influence viewers, and evoke emotional responses. But when I decided to sprinkle a pinch of nudity in my artwork, oh boy, did I get an earful!

Naturally, I was dying to understand all the fuss, so I did what any curious soul would do—I Googled that shit!. And what did I find? Brace yourselves because it turns out that the suppression of artistic nudity is nothing short of a grand conspiracy boarder lining on violating everyone’s 1st Amendment rights.

Yes, it’s all part of a devious plan by Western institutions (Religion, Government, McDonald’s) to control the narrative and keep the masses in check. Who knew a little bit of skin could have such monumental implications?

But wait, Google doesn’t stop there. So let me endeavor to point out the absolute absurdity of it all. While we’re surrounded by violence, war, environmental destruction, and social issues that desperately need attention, what does society focus on instead? That’s right—bare breasts! Because clearly, seeing a nipple is way more threatening than any assault rifle, right? Who needs to tackle real problems when we can get all worked up about trivial matters? It’s pure genius. So let’s all take a moment to reflect on our priorities and shift our attention to the critical stuff.


While nudity and sexuality can be related, they are distinct concepts. Nudity refers to being unclothed or not wearing any clothes. At the same time, sexuality encompasses a broader range of feelings, attractions, behaviors, and identities related to one’s sexual orientation and preferences.

Nudity is be found in various contexts beyond sexual ones, such as art, medical situations, cultural practices, naturism, and simply personal comfort. But, it’s essential to recognize that people’s attitudes and responses to nudity can vary significantly based on their cultural, social, and personal backgrounds, so I’m addressing the issue here; specifically regarding art.

Sexuality involves emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to others and can encompass a broad spectrum of orientations and identities, including heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, and more. While nudity can be a part of sexual expression and intimacy, it is not the sole indicator of one’s sexual orientation or preferences.

Western culture has posed quite a thought-provoking question because of this pattern of misinformation. I’m genuinely stumped. My line of thought is this; when was the last time you witnessed a vagina grab hold of an assault rifle and go on a shooting spree in a classroom? And let’s not forget the impressive image of the breast, expertly launching hand grenades at enemies or casually dropping nuclear bombs on unsuspecting cities.

We should base our understanding of global issues and the complexities of violence solely on the body parts involved. It’s foolproof logic. Forget about the underlying causes, political motivations, and societal factors. We can reduce everything to genitalia and solve the world’s problems quickly!

Portfolio for Harper’s Bazaar. © Hawk Buckman

So, let us join hands in a circle, sing Kumbaya and embark on this enlightening journey of exploring the correlation between reproductive organs and acts of violence, world hunger, climate change, fuck, the threat of UFOs/UAPs, and the loss of women’s rights to govern their bodies. Because if there’s one thing we need more of in this world, it’s an absurd oversimplification and genital-focused analysis.

Who needs nuanced discussions and comprehensive solutions when we can fixate on the anatomical aspects of the human body in Western culture?

Thank you Karen’s of the world, for spotlighting the fundamental issues of our time. Your contributions to the field of critical thinking and self-fucking-control are simply unmatched.


Some conspiracy theories propose that societal norms, including attitudes towards nudity, are deliberately shaped by powerful entities to control public behavior and thought.

- Nikon Professional -Hawk Buckman


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