Harvest Campaign 2018

Every year on October 6th an event begins that’s unique to farmers  in Wyobraska. A solid month of hard work, long hours and endless days known as campaign. Campaign is when farmers and field hands kick it into high gear to get crops out of the ground and into production facilities dotted throughout Wyobraska. 

Bob Busch has been working as a farmer since his was 16 years old. He passed his knowledge on to his son Kendal who has taken over farming operations after his fathers retirement. That doesn’t stop Bob from working just as hard as his son and hired hands to bring in crops during campaign. “Farming is a lifelong commitment.  At onetime it was all a family could do to work 80 acres of land which provided a good living. Today you’re considered a hobby farmer if you work less than 1000 acres of land..” according to Bob Busch.

Farming the land in Wyobraska is a honorable, long standing tradition among families living in Eastern Wyoming, Western Nebraska and Northern Colorado though Colorado has witnessed a decline in farming along the Front Range as more people move into the area.  The mid plains of Colorado is where farming communities are more prominent.  The Front Range is changing into a booming metropolis.  Fort Collins is a metro hub whose focus is now tourism.  Scottsbluff, NE is the hub for most farmers in Western Nebraska as Western Sugar is located there.  Sugar beets are processed here in mass and farmers harvest their crops of beets to be delivered by truck to Scottsbluff and Torrington, WY in eastern Wyoming. 

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”