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If my camera lens can shed light on a subject to the extent that it sparks change, I've done my job correctly.

Leica M6

"The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera." - W. Eugene Smith

My photo series represents personal quests—subjects that either pique my interest or demand heightened public awareness. They serve as a conduit through which I can express my thoughts, emotions, and perspectives. It is important to note that every article accompanying my photo series emanates exclusively from my viewpoint. They are, by no means, representative of the opinions or perspectives of others unless I present them as verifiable facts, which I always corroborate and reference after the article. 

Getting my photography series online has just begun due to time restrains. I plan dedicating more time to them in the future. 

Mentally Forgotten: Dan’s Story

Snow covered the ground on the Front Range when I stopped at the Linden Street Café (now closed) in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. The snow was coming down and piling on the road and sidewalk. Looking through the café windows as I pulled up to the parking space, I saw warm people, eyes glued to phones and laptop computers, enjoying coffee and s

Photojournalism captures the heartbeat of our world, revealing its beauty, its tragedies, and its truth. It is a mirror reflecting the complexities of humanity and a beacon of enlightenment, urging us to bear witness and act.

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