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The core principles of my craft is to act as a visual historian, chronicling the human experience in all its dimensions.

Leica M6

"I adhere to a strict principle; avoid excessive manipulation while editing. The essence of a photograph lies in preserving its authenticity- in its depiction of reality."


  • Hourly Rate $200.00 Per Hour
    My hourly rate covers portraits, and other genres of photography. Because I do not double-book per day, may require a deposit. The fixed price I offer is non-negotiable.

Visit the F8 Studio West Facebook page for residential package specials and pricing.


  • Editorial, Assignments & Commercial
    For editorial assignments, my pricing is $750.00 per day, along with any related expenses.


  • Weddings (Inquire for pricing)
    I approach weddings in the manner of a documentarian/photojournalist, maintaining a discreet and unobtrusive presence to capture candid moments and portray images of family and friends. I focus on crafting artistry rather than mere event documentation. I provide coverage within a radius of 250 nautical miles from Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    • Destination wedding prices begin at $10,000.00 and require a down payment of 50 percent.
      • International weddings or events start at $15,000.00 and require a down payment of 50 percent.
      • All wedding bookings are non-refundable and require a signed contract.


  • Digital vs Film & RAW files or Film Negatives
    I am open to shooting in digital format upon request, but my preference leans towards capturing images using color or black-and-white film. Please note that my packages do not include digital RAW files or film negatives for any client.
    • I may use both mediums to capture a particular aesthetic on certain occasions.
      • The delivery timeline for event images is two weeks, taking into account the time required for film processing or editing.


  • Philosophy
    I’m a postmodernist documentary photographer. I capture photographs that are a authentic reflection of reality, as well as art, avoiding excessive manipulation of color or tonal shifts. Each image retains its unique essence, faithfully representing genuine moments. While I delight in capturing stylized themes, I maintain a balanced approach to editing, avoiding over-processing. My belief is in the diligent creation of images during the shooting process, rather than relying heavily on extensive editing or the incorporation of artificial elements or graphics.


  • Contact
    I find that engaging in direct phone conversations with clients enhances the clarity of your needs and vision. If you seek information about my services, please contact me at 1-(970)-980-9427 or email me to set up a phone appointment.


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