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Hawk Buckman Self portrait Cache la Poudre Canyon 2018
Self portrait Cache la Poudre Canyon 2018

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Inside my limited editions collections, you may find a memory of your own; an image that speaks to you, that you would like to share with those entering your living, or workspace. Each print is assigned a unique edition number; and personally signed, and delivered promptly.


Print & Paper Types

For color images I’ve chosen the Fujiflex Crystal Archive MAX-HD Silver Halide printing process to create my images. The Fujiflex process is not your standard inkjet print. The paper is a polyester-based silver-halide material that creates stunning gallery-level color prints by using a laser to expose the paper to sensitized paper. Fujiflex prints are true photographs- created with a modern twist.

Black and white images are custom created using either Hahnemuhle Fine-Art Baryta Satin, a very fine textured art paper that stands out with rich blacks and stunning whites and is one of my favorite print types.

Traditional prints are created using Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Fiber papers and are hand printed up to 16”X24”.  One of my favorite low contrast papers, Ilford Multigrade renders amazing images and are meticulously dodged, and burned, inside a traditional wet darkroom. With proper care, and framing, your print will last for many lifetimes of enjoyment.

Framed images found on the website are for reference only. I’m not familiar with the decor of your home so I leave it to you to frame the image in the manner of your choosing as to better work with your living space and environment. 

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