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Newton & I

Helmut Newton, my photographic inspiration, holds the esteemed titles of the ‘Maestro of Fetishism’ and the ‘King of Kink,’ especially within the illustrious legacy of Vogue Italia. Undoubtedly, Helmut occupies a paramount position as my favored artist, spanning the 20th and 21st centuries. His influence has been instrumental in reshaping my perspective on photography, leading me to explore beyond the confines of nature and conservation.

Helmut transcended societal conventions through his visuals, subtly encapsulating the essence of the sexual revolution that unfolded during the 1960s and 1970s. While some labeled him as misogynistic and others as voyeuristic, Helmut’s visual narratives and creativity delved into the collective subconscious of humanity, laying bare its concealed truths. His images exuded an air of unapologetic confidence and a daring exploration of taboo themes.

His lens was notorious for its focus on sexuality, often pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. He unapologetically presented the human body as a work of art, frequently celebrating the female form provocatively and empowering. His ability to infuse fashion with an element of voyeurism and narrative intrigue set him apart as a true innovator.

One of his most famous works, the “Big Nudes” series, exemplified Newton’s unique approach. He presented larger-than-life female bodies as monuments of strength and allure in these images. His subjects radiated a sense of agency, transcending traditional notions of beauty.

Newton inevitably attracted controversy. Some critics accused him of perpetuating misogynistic stereotypes, while others labeled his work overtly voyeuristic. Newton rejected such characterizations. He saw his work as a celebration of powerful women and a commentary on the complexities of desire and dominance.

© Helmut Newton ^ Helmut Newton Foundation
© Helmut Newton ^ Helmut Newton Foundation

While Newton’s photography was often bold and assertive, viewing it within the context of his broader artistic intent is essential. His images aimed to challenge societal norms and spark conversations about sexuality, gender roles, and the intricacies of human relationships.

In a world where visual arts constantly evolve, Helmut’s legacy is a testament to the power of challenging conventions and embracing the provocative. His ability to capture the essence of an era, provoke thought, and ignite discourse has solidified his place as an icon of 20th and 21st-century artistry. Whether celebrated or debated, Newton’s work remains a captivating and thought-provoking force, continuing to captivate audiences and inspire future generations of creators.



Central to my artistic purpose is the elevation of women beyond the confines of sexual objectification, even though nudity is sometimes a part of my art. I seek to reshape perceptions around body image and foster empowerment. Unlike the approach of Helmut Newton, whose focus often fell on the conventional notion of beauty embodied by supermodels, I spotlight the authenticity and strength inherent in every woman and man. I believe creative expression is a testament to the potential of art as a catalyst for change, a means of dismantling biases and championing inclusive, empowering narratives.



The Helmut Newton Foundation
June Newton, AKA Alice Springs

Female Nudity In Art

- Nikon Professional -Hawk Buckman


Mentally Forgotten: Dan’s Story

Snow covered the ground on the Front Range when I stopped at the Linden Street Café (now closed) in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. The snow was coming down and piling on the road and sidewalk. Looking through the café windows as I pulled up to the parking space, I saw warm people, eyes glued to phones and laptop computers, enjoying coffee and s

Mentally Forgotten Photo Series

The goal of the Mentally Forgotten photo series is to raise awareness of the plight of those suffering because of society's judgmental attitude. The series captures the challenges faced by individuals experiencing homelessness in the rural regions of the United States.

Just shoot it!

Your camera holds little sway over the final outcome. What truly holds significance is the lens through which you perceive the world and the creative mind guiding it. Don't allow the intricacies of your equipment to overpower your thoughts. Instead, center your attention on the image you're striving to capture.


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