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Nikon F4 Professional 35mm Camera

Images from my Nikon F4 are coming soon.

Nikon F4 Professional 35mm Camera

The Nikon F4 remains the groundbreaking camera delivered by Nikon that revolutionized the camera industry in quality, precision, functionality, design, and durability. It's, without a doubt, my favorite 35mm camera of all time.

The F4 Nikon is powerful and unrelenting in its functionality. It’s simply perfect. There is virtually no recoil on the body when it fires so VR stabilization isn’t required even when shooting at slower shutter speeds with a long lens. The best lens you can use on the Nikon F4 is the documentary/landscape Nikkor AF 28mm F2.8 D.

The Nikon F4 was the best 35mm film camera available for documentary photography and photojournalism which is why it has been my favorite 35mm camera for over twenty years.

Nikon F4s Professional Camera
Nikon F4 Profesional Camera.
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