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Panorama Landscapes

Landscape photography has never been my particular forte. My interest has lied in wildlife images for publication but, due to a injury, I found myself struggling with sitting for long periods of time tucked away inside a blind, or sitting outside in the cold waiting for the right moment.

Using a vehicle as a blind doesn’t render the results I want in my wildlife images so I began shifting my attention to landscapes which I’ve found to be the most challenging of photography genres.

Hiking over foot-trails and through the bush for miles at a time in search of an image has helped in the healing process as well as having a positive impact on my mental health. I’m stronger, more determined and committed to my art in a way I’ve never experienced before.

The photographs you’ll find here are images I like enough to share with the world. Each image is an authentic photograph. I don’t manipulate my images by replacing a sky, or creating a more dramatic image through technology. You can trust that each image you find in my portfolio to be a truthful representation of the scene that I worked so hard to find and record with my camera.

Panorama Prints

I’m not familiar with the decor of your home so I leave it to you to frame the image in the manner of your choosing as to better work with your living space and environment.

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