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Pine Siskin & Sunflowers

SKU: Pine Siskin & Sunflowers

Hawk Buckman Artist Proof
(Wild Bird Color Photographic Print)

I often find myself exploring a new road looking for a unique landscape, or area, in which to make an image. On this day in March, I found myself in western Nebraska on a dirt road where I found a small flock of Pine siskin near the edge of the road taking advantage of the bounty of sunflowers that dot the landscape. As I sat and watched them from the comfort of my truck (a functional blind) they were oblivious to my presence. I made a few dozen images while watching them through the lens. The Pine siskin is one of my favorite little birds. They herald the return of Spring in western Nebraska.


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This image is printed on Fuji Matte Paper using a silver halide process. Fuji Matte – Silver Halide – LightJet Prints are true photographs, and are suitable for museum display.


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