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After injuring my knee in a fall in June I found myself sitting around allowing it to heal.  That meant no unnecessary walking, running, hiking, jogging, or sometimes even standing. I found myself without anything to do.  Rather than live the sedentary life watching repeats of the Marvel Universe, I decided to take on a new challenge and teach myself macro-photography techniques.  I’d always been interested in macro but had never made, or had, the time to explore it.  This is one of several images where I was able to experiment in my own time, with no rush and nowhere to be.

I love this image because of the Black-tailed Bumble Bee which can utilize a number of habitat types, including agricultural and urban areas. It feeds on many types of plants, including manzanitas, wild lilacs, golden bushes, wild buckwheats, lupines, penstemons, rhododendrons, willows, sages, and clovers. It nests underground or above-ground structures.

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The flowering plant in the image is the Firewheel or indian blanket and is a popular annual growing 1-2(-3) ft. tall. The hairy stem is usually much-branched and becomes woody at the base late in the season. Branched stems, mostly leafy near the base, have showy flower heads with rays red at base, tipped with yellow, each with 3 teeth at broad end. The well-known flower heads are 1-2 in. across with a red center and a yellow outer band. Occasionally the three-cleft rays are solid orange or yellow. The disk flowers in the center are brownish red.

Frequent along roadsides in the Southwest, these wildflowers stand like hundreds of showy Fourth of July pinwheels at the top of slender stalks. Varieties are popular in cultivation, for they tolerate heat and dryness. Among several species in the Southwest, some flowers are entirely yellow.





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July 2021 – Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska

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