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This image is limited to 50 36″x24″ FujiFlex Crystal Archive photographs.

In September of 2018 I was going through a lot of emotional trauma.  I often walked this path to try and clear my head. The day this image was made I had just returned from western Nebraska after visiting that area of the country for the first time.  The scene reminded me that despite how broken-hearted I was I still had a path to follow, if I chose it.  And, that one day that path would lead to something better than where I had been or where I was at.

I do not offer framing. I’m not familiar with the decor of your home, office or special space. The example framed images (product images) are for judging final image and future frame size.

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Cache la Poudre River Trail at Watson Lake State Wildlife Area

Watson Lake, Colorado

This small State Wildlife Area sits at the base of a cliff that is a traditional nesting site for Golden Eagles, White-throated Swifts, and Canyon Wrens. The lake was formed during construction of Horsetooth Reservoir. It might have served as a borrow pit for various materials needed for Horsetooth’s four dams. The lake now attracts waterfowl in late fall and early spring, including Hooded Mergansers.  Stop by the nearby Bellvue-Watson Fish Hatchery, as self-guided tours, fishing, birdwatching, and nature trails make this an excellent education and recreation destination.


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Original photograph from digital real life (RAW) source. Unaltered.

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September 2018 – Larimer County, Colorado

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This image is limited to 50 36"x24" FujiFlex Crystal Archive photographs.

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