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The southwest side of Scotts Bluff National Monument at sunrise on January 07, 2022.  I woke at about 4:30 am knowing that I would have to brave the minus 5-degree temperatures if I wanted to make an attempt at creating an image of the historic buttes. I knew from experience that the Sun would appear between the horizon and the cloud base. The cloud cover was thick to the east but above the rising sun illuminating the clouds with golden hues and purple and magenta tones.

I arrived at the location I had selected for another image which soon faded with color as the Sun rose higher into the morning sky but, the scene to the southwest was brilliant and full of color.

The wind kicked up forcing me to increase my ISO to 400 to slow the motion in the grasses being blown about by the fierce wind.  I exposed one wide 6×7 image and later cropped it to a 1X1 frame which reduced, and corrected, the clutter of the scene.

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Original photograph from digital (RAW) real life scene negative. Unaltered

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January 07, 2022 – Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska

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Fujiflex Max HD Silver Halide

Fujiflex Max HD Silver Halide printing involves a specialized printing process that uses silver-halides which are embedded in the paper rather than creating the print by spraying ink on top of the paper as in the InkJet printing process. Fujiflex Crystal Archive prints are true photographs and are suitable for gallery display.

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