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Limited Edition (Landscape)

The furrowed bark of cottonwood trees at Lake Minatare, Nebraska detail water levels in the summer months leaving the bark stained bright white. The detail in this image is remarkable.  I love it.  I love it because once you’ve visited Lake Minatare you come to understand how unique this body or water, and the surrounding area, is in the middle of the Great Northern Plains of North America.  These trees are withstanding the test of time through the bitterly cold winters and summers.  The bark of the trees shows the weathering and durability of nature in western Nebraska’s unforgiving climate.  The water lines on these trees is something that everyone remembers after visiting the lake.

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Original photograph from digital (RAW) real-life scene negative. Unaltered

Creation Date

January 18, 2022 – Western Nebraska

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Fuji Matte Paper Silver Halide LightJet

Fuji Matte Paper Silver Halide LightJet printing involves a specialized printing process that uses silver halides embedded in the paper rather than creating the print by spraying ink on top of it as in the InkJet printing process. Fuji Matte Paper Silver Halide LightJet Prints are true photographs suitable for museum display.

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