Home Landscape Colorado Static Peak & Mount Richthofen (Color) – 36″X24″

Static Peak & Mount Richthofen (Color) – 36″X24″


Hawk Buckman – Images of Nature
Limited Edition Collection

This image is limited to 50 36″x24″ FujiFlex Crystal Archive photographs and will never be printed in this size or medium again after 50 have been produced.

Static Peak & Mount Richthofen (Color) Static Peak is a mountain peak in the Colorado State Forest State Park in the Never Summer Mountain Range. It is located in a chain of peaks and lies between Nokhu Crags to the north and Mount Richthofen to the south.

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The morning started off cold in the Rocky Mountains on Long Draw Road at our campsite in August of 2018.  I was with a good friend having coffee in her camper when we decided to head west towards Walden, Colorado.  I was on an assignment to capture images of the Springcreek Firefighters working near Kremmling but wasn’t scheduled to arrive at Fire-camp until later that afternoon.

We headed west up the mountains and over Cameron Pass.  On our way down the other side onto the Western slope, the sun began to break over the clouds to the east lighting the east side of the Crags.  We continued about a mile further as the clouds continued to randomly obscure the mountains in the distance.  Then, as though the heavens opened up, the clouds broke lighting Static Peak & Mount Richthofen in the distance.

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Dimensions 36 × 00.1 × 24 in
FujiFlex Crystal Archive

FujiFlex lightjet printing is a silver halide, true photographic printing material on a polyester base. Sometimes referred to as Fuji Supergloss, the material has an extremely glossy, almost glass like surface resulting in high color saturation, fidelity and depth. Images appear three dimensional, similar in visual characteristic to Ilfochrome (Cibachrome). FujiFlex and Fuji Crystal Archive RC prints are the standard worldwide for photographic fine art printing.


Original photograph from real life scene (RAW) source.

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August 2018 – Jackson County, Colorado, Static Peak & Mount Richthofen

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This image is limited to 50 36"x24" FujiFlex Crystal Archive photographs and will never be printed in this size again after 50 have been produced.