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Warmth – August 2017 – Larimer County, Colorado

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Warmth – Driving south from Red Feathers Lakes toward Rustic on CR 69 I topped a Ridgeline that begins the downhill journey into Rustic. It was mid-morning but sunlight was just beginning to reach the western sides of the mountains making the light soft and golden.  As I began to descend the road I looked left.  Standing in a small grove of of Quaking aspens was a small heard of Mule deer.  I stopped the car and very quietly walked toward the deer moving slowly through the tall grass as to not startle them.  I made three images and slowly backed back out of the grass and moved back toward the road leaving the deer undisturbed.  In fact I’m not sure they ever knew I was there, or they simply didn’t care.



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Real life scene from digital negative.

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August 2017 – Larimer County, Colorado

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