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Purple Light Everywhere - Gering, Nebraska

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Purple Light Everywhere

Through the years I’ve had the pleasure of shooting in perfect lighting conditions, and in some cases, the displeasure of shooting in the worst lighting imaginable. As you can imagine, perfect conditions render the sharpest, most dramatic images reflecting depth and a soul unique to each image.

This location of this wedding was brand new. The floors, walls, and decor, was noting short of stunning. Unfortunately the lighting was the farthest thing from perfect as you could get. The light was purple, magenta and some off-color of pink hand selected by an interior designer to set a romantic mood. Every digital color image made was virtually impossible to balance.

Making these images was like shooting in the dark which forced a very high ISO littering the images with sensor noise. If a photographer tells you that their camera can operate well under very low light conditions, they’re lying through their teeth. All cameras need light to deliver the best results.

Using a flash unit would have been ideal in this situation. Unfortunately, I was warned against using one because, according to the officiant, “God would be offended”. Luckily I had my film cameras and several rolls of film which I pushed 2 stops. I always carry film, and a professional film camera, as a backup.

Photographers paint with light. When selecting a location, be it a wedding chapel, a church, synagogue, interior building, or an outside venue, be sure to consider lighting as much as you consider your dressmaker, caterer, or florist. In the end, you’ll be glad you did, and the resulting images will be far more beautiful than you anticipated.

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