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My Work is Garunteed! Select and Collect with Confidence

I'm very proud of my work. I want it to look as good one hundred years from now as it does the day I print it. That's why I guarantee my fine art prints for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Refund and Exchange Policy

Order Information
For inquiries about an order already placed, please call us at (970)-812-4100.

Returns and Exchanges
Long Draw Productions offers a 30-day “hassle-free” refund and exchange policy on all Hawk Buckman fine art prints with an original receipt from the original purchaser. Refunds of shipping and handling fees do not apply. Call us to assist with the return shipping of your item. The client (you) is responsible for all return shipping and handling fees.

My Guarantee
I personally offer a lifetime guarantee on our fine art photographic prints against any defects in product or craftsmanship. This guarantee applies to the original owner of the product with an original receipt. Only limited edition fine art prints are eligible for this guarantee. Print-only prints are not eligible for the lifetime guarantee.

If you have an issue with a print, or if you simply don’t like the way it looks on your wall, let us know and we can exchange the photograph for something more appropriate to your needs, or offer you a 100% refund minus shipping and handling.


Shipping Address:

Long Draw Productions, LLC
522 East 35th Street
Scottsbluff, NE


Call us at +1-(980)-812-4100 to let us know that the package is on the way prior to shipping so we can look for it in the mail. Long Draw Productions is not responsible for items lost in the mail so please be sure to insure, and track, your package with a reputable shipping company.



Long Draw Productions, LLC is the legal owner of, and representative for, all intellectual properties produced by Hawk Buckman.


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