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My fashion photography style is street fashion which involves a mix of candid shots and carefully curated compositions, depending on my artistic vision for each moment.

I strive to capture the energy, authenticity, and diversity of fashion that permeates rural and urban environments. Whether I'm capturing the latest trends, highlighting fashion subcultures, or revealing unexpected and inspiring style moments, my goal is to provide a window into the vibrant street fashion scene.

Through my lens, I have the opportunity to tell stories, convey emotions, and explore the cultural and social aspects of fashion. Each photograph becomes a visual narrative that goes beyond the clothes, revealing the personalities and stories of the individuals I photograph.

Leica M6

Street Fashion

My three decades of experience and my distinctive style sets me apart as I exclusively shoot in black and white. This deliberate choice infuses my photographs with a timeless and artistic quality, allowing the interplay of light, shadow, and texture to shine through, capturing the true essence of street fashion.

By focusing on black and white imagery, I create a visual aesthetic that goes beyond the limitations of color, enabling viewers to truly appreciate the form, composition, and intricate details of the fashion subjects I capture. The absence of color adds a sense of drama, depth, and contrast to my photographs, intensifying the impact of the fashion elements and showcasing the individuality and style of my subjects. Throughout the years, my expertise and refined skills have cultivated a keen eye for capturing captivating fashion moments amidst the bustling streets.

My black and white street fashion photography not only documents the latest trends but also weaves a narrative, conveying the vibrant energy of urban environments and the diverse individuals who inhabit them. Having witnessed and documented the ever-evolving fashion landscape, my black and white lens has immortalized different eras, subcultures, and personal styles. My extensive portfolio stands as a testament to my unwavering passion, dedication, and mastery of the craft. It offers a unique and artistic perspective on street fashion that continues to captivate audiences.

As a black and white street fashion photographer, my images possess the ability to transcend time, leaving a lasting impression on viewers while serving as a visual chronicle of the ever-changing world of fashion.


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Street Fashion Film Review

After years of capturing color images, I have developed a preference for shooting in black and white. I have come to appreciate the captivating interplay of tones, textures, and the delicate balance between light and darkness in black and white photography. Starting in April 2023, I have predominantly embraced shooting exclusively in black and white using my Leica camera. Of course, there may be occasional exceptions when I unknowingly have color film in the camera.

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