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Photography Philosophy

Newton & I

Helmut Newton, my photographic inspiration, holds the esteemed titles of the 'Maestro of Fetishism' and the 'King of Kink,' especially within the illustrious legacy of Vogue Italia. Undoubtedly, Helmut occupies a paramount position as my favored artist, spanning the 20th and 21st centuries.

Just shoot it!

Your camera holds little sway over the final outcome. What truly holds significance is the lens through which you perceive the world and the creative mind guiding it. Don't allow the intricacies of your equipment to overpower your thoughts. Instead, center your attention on the image you're striving to capture.

Raw & Unafraid

In the early days of photography, capturing the human form in all its natural beauty was a daring endeavor. Photographers like Edward Muybridge and Julia Margaret Cameron ventured into uncharted territory, experimenting with the concept of nude imagery.

Fundamentals Of Stupidity

According to my insightful artist friend, nudity in art is a powerful tool to make a point, influence viewers, and evoke emotional responses. But guess what? When I decided to sprinkle a pinch of nudity in my artwork, oh boy, did I get an earful! Naturally, I was dying to understand all the fuss, so I did what any curious soul would do—I Googled that shit!

Escaping Mediocrity

Mediocrity signifies the demise of an artist who lacks the resolve to confront it with a unique idea or vision for their craft. Paradoxically, society often craves mediocrity to maintain the status quo and avoid disrupting established norms. However, my pursuit is not entwined with conforming to societal boundaries or settling for mediocrity.
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