The Future of Photojournalism

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This video was found on, and produced by Canon, regarding photojournalist and documentary photographers. The messages found inside this short documentary are profound, and example the absolute necessity for accurate, artful reporting in news gathering, and storytelling.

As much as I enjoy writing, at the moment I’m in a fight with COVID-19, and do not have the energy. Therefore, I’m only placing this video here for a more detailed article later.

Hawk Buckman is a Getty Images® documentary wildlife photographer, and independent freelance documentary photographer. From 1998 until 2018 Hawk's clients included Greenpeace International,  World Wildlife Fund,  ABC, NBC,  Audubon, The BBC, and other publications and media organizations.  Currently Hawk works with Nebraska, Colorado and Utah Life Magazines.  His independent projects include socioeconomic, environmental, mental illness and race relations in rural America.  In addition to researching and documenting historical locations throughout the western United States, he also enjoys leading photography classes and workshops for photo hobbyists, sharing his passion for creating narratives using analog photographs.
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