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At The Zoo - Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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At The Zoo

Broad daylight isn’t the optimal time to document anything with a camera yet, this was the requirement for the wedding at the Zoo and one of the hardest shoots I’ve ever had to make work.
These two lovely people are the custodians of the Zoo, and the Zoo is where they wanted to get married hence the Turkey (Tom) in some of the shots. Due to time restraints, the grounds could only be used at certain hours as to not interfere with public visitors. So, we collaborated together to make it a success as best we could.
A photographer wants to create masterful works of art anytime they pick up a camera. I’m no exception. But sometimes you just have to roll with it, go with the flow, and enjoy the experience. Not many people get to have their wedding at a Zoo so I took it upon myself to do the best job I could under what I considered to be some of the harshest outdoor lighting circumstances I’ve ever encountered.
Yes, the images could be better. Yes, had I more time to work with this couple I might have been able to manufacture higher quality images by offering advice as to when to start the ceremony for best lighting conditions. A good photographer works with what they’re given and I was no exception to this requirement on this day. It’s times like these that you find out if you’re as good as everyone thinks you are.
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