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I’ve been fortunate enough to have had many successful wildlife assignments which were published from one continent to the other over time but, I’m not a famous wildlife photographer, and have no desire to be one. My focus while documenting wildlife, nature, and the environment has always been to raise awareness to wildlife suffrage due to habitat loss, and climate change. Apparently, given the state of the planet, my minuscule efforts have been a complete waste of time which is depressing to say the least. I believe this because every wildlife photographer I know is faced with the same facts that I am which is, no one cares. Our planet is losing species to extinction every day. I became a wildlife photographer out of love for the natural world, and not money.  Wildlife photographers don’t make as much money as fashion photographers, photojournalist or specialty image makers.  This was a financial predicament  that I faced with diversifying my skill sets to include other areas, and specialities, of photography.  That experience lead me to journalism as well as the exploration of history, and the research and documentation of those locations. Weddings and events became another means to make money, and hone skills, in documenting the apex predators on the planet, Homo sapiens.

I take great pride in making myself available to any publication seeking wildlife, nature and environmental imagery; especially if working to influence the direction of the state of the natural world through awareness, or change politically, or socially. I’m for hire for assignments that strive to reach the marks of awareness, research, documentation and conservation.

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"Snacks". Every time I saw this moose he had something hanging out of his mouth. In this case a Geyer willow stem.

Only the top media publishing companies of the world request wildlife photographers for assignment.  Almost all wildlife images found in publications are made on speculation by the photographer as stock images, and only a small handful of those images are published yearly.  Most images sit on servers waiting to be leased in an over-saturated market due to the evolution of inexpensive, high quality, digital format cameras which every person living on the planet has access.

Wildlife, nature and environmental documentation use to be an avenue of substantial importance in the photography world. Today it’s hardly mentioned. Those who continue to stick it out for the love of their work, and personal missions, are holdouts to a bygone era of magic, enlightenment and understanding. 

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