Hawk Buckman

Wildlife, Nature & Environment Documentary Photography

Discovering the Natural World is Magic

Every animal living on the planet has emotions, desires, and needs making them the same as Homo sapiens. What they don’t have is politics, religion, or hate for other species. By definition, they’re more “human” than most people, and deserve our respect, empathy, and understanding.

Wildlife imagery is the only area of photojournalism that I’ll accept assignments on speculation. I take great pride in making myself available to any publication seeking wildlife, nature, and environmental imagery; especially if they work to influence the direction of human consciousness toward the state of the natural world through awareness and change politically, and socially.

Most of the images seen here, and some that aren’t, are available through Getty Images. If you’re interested in licensing (not printing) one of my images visit their website for pricing and distribution options.

Assignment inquiries can be made by contacting me through email. Pricing, availability, and deadline issues will be addressed over the phone after I’ve received your correspondence.

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