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Observations & Stories

Every once in while I find myself on the itchy side of wanting to write about something, some topic, something I've witnessed or to just throw-down some thoughts that have no meaning to anyone but me. I was shocked to discover that some people actually thought what I had to say was important enough to mention, discuss, or repeat. Like it, leave it or lump it; I have an opinion. This is where I share it.

This Can Happen To Anyone

Mentally Forgotten

Mentally Forgotten is my continuing social awareness project to document the lives of he homeless, and displaced, drawing from personal experiences of having to go through the system and witnessing how broken it is.  In the United States 553,742 people (estimated each night) are homeless.


Guts, The Fashion & The Influence

In 2021 Instagram users uploaded over 95 million images per day. Needless to say that since the invention of the mobile digital camera/phone the way society looks at, and involves itself in, an image..

The Future of Photojournalism

Shrinking editorial budgets, increasing competition, and mistrust of the press are just some of the factors impacting the future of photojournalism, but the power of photography endures and technology is allowing photographers more creative freedom than before.


After personal reflection due to life-changing events, I came to the conclusion that my push, infatuation, to further excel in the field of photography was being hampered by my embrace of the technical aspects of the medium as well as the social pressures...

It’s Only Data Until You Print It

The term "graphics" is a more appropriate genre for the overabundance of images flowing through the Internet which are visually digested by millions of users daily, and which a majority I personally find without a soul, or pertaining to some meaningful topic, or relevance, other than to entice a "follow", "heart", or "like" click.

Coal Ash: Western Nebraska Health Hazard

My efforts to understand why Western Sugar Cooperative is allowed to stock-pile over 500,000 tons of highly toxic and dangerous Coal ash have gone unanswered to date.

Climate Change and the Plight of the Black-tailed Prairie Dog

The Great Plains encompasses the entirety of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, parts of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. Each state offers ecoregions and ecosystems unto themselves and each is unique.

Location of the Horse Creek Treaty

The Great Plains were home to many tribes for countless generations. They lived and hunted all along the prairie, sometimes warred with neighboring tribes. In the mid-1800s, they began witnessing mass migrations of white men through their respective territories.

Signal Butte

The North Platte River basin is often considered one of the last western frontiers to tourist and visitors arriving in western Nebraska as they visit the Oregon, California and Mormon trails and take in the deep western heritage found in the valley and surrounding areas of Wyobraska. Signal Butte is a landmark unlike any other.

Making The Shot

There are many things in the world to call a hobby but, photography is still the best as it's a powerful tool to tell stories. In fact, it's the best tool available to tell stories to a species of evolved apes as we’re visual creatures who act upon visual stimulus, as well as our other senses, to understand, navigate and exist in this reality. Humans love images which is why film (celluloid) still holds charms over many hobby photographers, as well as the de-evolving professional.

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